Why Your Support Matters

As a charity we depend on the generosity of others to help us to keep delivering our vital services. We have helped hundreds of young women and families overcome traumatic events in their life, live independently and create a better future for themselves and their children. Your money goes towards making life a little more comfortable for women who come to us with nothing and ensure they receive tailored support to get them back on track. 

After being in an abusive relationship, Jessica was homeless with a dependent child. Ten years later she is a fully qualified electrician with her own house providing outstanding support for her family. This is her story of female endeavour and success. Watch her video to find out how she succeeded with the help of YWCA Yorkshire:

To support even more young women like Jessica, we are reliant on funds from the public. This will help pay for more specialised staff to reach vulnerable families and support those in our residence. More funding will also help us run our life changing programmes supporting victims of domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and mental ill-health.

Thank you for your support.