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Our campaign matters. We need to encourage female empowerment, eradicate domestic violence in Yorkshire and ensure that mental health services are available to everybody at the time that they need them. Together we can make longstanding change and help benefit women right here in Yorkshire. 

With small incremental changes to our everyday lives we can start a movement of change. Here's what you can to help young women achieve:


Teach your children about equality between boys and girls, encourage girls to play with toys that have traditionally been seen as masculine. Encourage girls to have an interest in rockets, dinosaurs and mechanics. You never know, you could have a future astronaut on your hands. 


If you inspire and educate the next generation, it goes without saying that you want to give them the best possible start in life. Make sure that there's plenty of female role models for all students to look up to,  as women's contribution to society has often been overlooked or shunned as unimportant. Within the classroom try to make an environment that's welcoming to all genders, by encouraging ordered discussion. 


If you think that one of your friends attitudes towards life has changed recently, or have you noticed bad bruising on them, it could be a sign of domestic abuse. If a friend chooses to confide in you that they are being abused, listen to what they have to say and be careful not to blame them. Tell them that nobody deserves to be threatened or beaten despite what the abuser has said. Talking about the issue is the first step to dealing with the issue. For full details of what do if a friend confides in you, read the NHS advice here


By adopting a flexible approach to working, and allowing job-shares that can be particularly beneficial to young mothers, this can help women advance in their careers. Furthermore, by giving parents shared parental leave can have considerable benefits to family bonding, and a child's development. Studies have shown that this helps build the bond between a mother and child and lead to a healthier, happier childhood. You can make a difference on the health of children growing up.

Know somebody with Mental ill-health:

Mental health is an incredibly complex and multifaceted issue. Those that suffer from mental ill-health often have support systems that include their close friends or family, but at present there's not enough resources to adequately deal with the problem. This is a problem that affects everybody in society, and currently is underfunded. Get in contact with your local MP and ask them for more resources for those with mental ill-health.

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