Meet Zak 

Zak is now a keen runner, but he self admittedly is not your traditional athletic type “I started running a couple of years ago, I was never that athletic at school, I just pushed myself in the last year”. Zak started small, but has slowly built up his stamina “I’ve been doing the 5K Park Run, then decided to do it again, then again in the same day”

He chose to run for YWCA Yorkshire after hearing about the fantastic impact the charity has on the lives of young women and children in the region. “somebody mentioned the charity to me and about the work they did and that they were looking for people to run the marathon, I couldn’t say no”

Although he has competed in a 10K run before this, he has never competed in a Half Marathon. He’s taking this Half Marathon seriously and has recently given up smoking to get the best time possible. “I definitely want to run it in under 2 hours, maybe 1.5 hours” On the day of the marathon, Zak doesn’t plan on having much to eat before it “My plan is to wake up early, maybe 6 o’clock, have a coffee, fruit, water, hopefully my mum will give me a lift”

If you’d like to look out for him, he’s got a very distinctive name on the back of his shirt “I’ve put Zak attack on the back of it”

"I'd like to dedicate my run to my late uncle Chandran Owen."

If you’d like to run under our banner at a future event such as the Sheffield 10K we’d love for you to fly our flag. Please contact us below.

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