Run for Women - Meet Harriet

Meet Harriet one of our runners for the Yorkshire Half Marathon in Sheffield this coming Sunday the 8th April. She’s fit and raring to go. If you’d like to sponsor her run, here’s her Just Giving page. So far she’s raised a huge £300 with the race still just under a week away. She's number 7462 so look out for her at the event.

Harriet speaks about her motivations for wanting to Run For Women and YWCA Yorkshire’s centres across South Yorkshire “I had my own daughter at 19, and was lucky to have an incredibly supportive family, I can’t imagine how hard it would have been without them”

Our centre's help rebuild young women's lives after suffering traumatic experiences such as domestic violence and sexual assault “I think it’s essential that young women are supported throughout, especially seeing as there’s a high percentage of homeless young women experience sexual assault”

She’s been running for a number of years, getting her inspiration from her parents “My parents are fell runners, so the pressure has always been on” “It’s never made me skinny but I am quite strong”. “I managed 12 miles the other day so I’ll have to push myself on the day”

“I’ve done various 10K’s locally and from 1st January to 31st I had to run every day between 2-4KM for another charity”

“I saw the advert on Facebook and I thought I had to go for it, I couldn’t not”

She states that her initial motivation to get into sports was the result of some very harsh words from a PE teacher at school “they said I would never been good at sport, I had to prove them wrong”

Harriet has her whole family's support on the day, and even has some Rastafarian inspiration getting her round the route “I’ve got my family situated around the route with my dad located in a pub on the route, I always wear the same type of socks & eat jelly babies on the way round”

“I tend to listen to reggae like Bob Marley on the way around, as well as some dance mixtapes, occasionally I put on Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen”

If you’d like to sponsor Harriet, please use this link to be taken to her Just Giving page