The campaign

Young Women Can Achieve aims to break down the barriers in society that are preventing women from realising their full potential.

With a focus on female empowerment, mental wellbeing and support to end violence against women, we want this new campaign to have a significant impact upon the lives of women in Yorkshire.

We need your help to address this inequality, society needs and has to change. As a charity we run programmes on mental health and work hard to empower those within our care, nevertheless our funding is limited and demand outstrips supply. The story of Jessica is a heartwarming tale of female endeavour in the face of adversity, but we need to do more as a society to ensure that women from every background are given equal opportunities to success in their own way.

A snapshot at our Centres taken over the past two years shows that 72% of the young women have been victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives, and a staggering 59.4% identified that they are also suffering from mental ill-health – many of these since childhood. 

The campaign has the support of a number of Yorkshire politicians who have pledged to do everything they can to address these inequalities. 

Please sign the pledge and help commit to ending violence against women and improving mental health.